Rachel Maddow gets homey for “People”


If you open your People magazine this week in between pieces on Sandra Bullock‘s possible divorce and Brangelina’s something or other you’ll find nestled a feature spread on every lesbian’s favorite political smarty pants, Rachel Maddow. Yep, there is our Rachel all happy and homey with partner Susan Mikula. I’ll pause for the “awww.”

The couple is photographed in their Western Massachusetts home. They also share tidbits about their home life. During the week they share a 275-square-foot Manhattan apartment with their English lab who takes up “nearly a third” of the living space. On the weekends they retreat to their 1865 country home where Rachel’s sample activities include taking the garbage to the dump, mixing cocktails and reading comic books.

Also, did you know that when they first for got together Susan said she “could only make macaroni and cheese from a box. Rachel could make toast and salsa”? Or, as Rachel adds, “pour Scotch.” I love that she has her priorities right when it comes to the consumption of food and beverages. Like, check out her enthusiasm about Angostura bitters production starting up again via her blog.

As we all already know, and is mentioned in every profile of Rachel I have ever read, they do now own a television. Susan said this is because “two of us have the TV Disease. Rachel can’t have one because she’d watch it all the time!” Rachel is a California native night owl who can’t cook an egg. Artist Susan is a Jersey girl early bird who has become an avid home chef. Susan likes “girlie accessories” like purses and Rachel says “I look like a dude.”

When the couple met in 1999, Rachel was doing yard work for Susan and jokes that the affair was “very Desperate Housewives.” But really what stood out most about the two-page spread is how utterly normal they seemed and were presented. They’re just another couple in the kitchen, washing dishes and eating Cream of Wheat. Which, if you think about it, is fantastic.

p.s. For the love of lesbians’ love of novelty Ts, someone tell me what Rachel’s shirt says.

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