Feeling Feist-y


Fans of the difficult-to-categorize but easy-to-love Canadian singer-songwriter Feist (whew, I should have taken a breath somewhere in there) are eagerly looking forward to her new album. The Reminder hits stores May 1.


The likely first single, “My Moon, My Man” (or, depending on which blog you read, “My Man, My Moon”), is popping up all over the Internet. It’s a little more layered than her usual sound, and it’s sublime. Superb. Supreme. A sensual susurration. OK, I’ll stop.

You’ve probably heard Feist even if you don’t think you have. Her songs have been used in a couple of commercials and an episode of The Hills. Her voice is sort of a cross between Dusty Springfield and Cat Power — think husky and sultry. And just plain great. And have I mentioned that she’s a joy to behold, as well?




May 1 seems really far away all of a sudden.

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