“The L Word Book” is ready to hit shelves


While it’s unclear whether it will actually include any pictures of girls in tight dresses who drag with mustaches, The L Word Book is now available for order. The long-awaited collection by series star Jennifer Beals includes more than 400 behind-the-scenes photos, cast commentary and other tidbits from the show’s six seasons on air.

The proceeds from the 218-page tome will go to several charities including the Matthew Shepard Foundation, Mia Kirshner‘s I Live Here Projects, a Project of ETINA and The Pablove Foundation. Besides Jennifer’s personal photography, the book has pieces of scripts, callsheets, production and more from memorabilia from The L Word. But, come on, you know what we really care about are the pretty, pretty pictures.

The book can be ordered from its official website, lwordbook.com. It can currently be purchased by itself or with a custom dedication option for $39.95. In the future, you’ll be able to order the book with your own personal pictures included (for $42.50) as well as individual prints (no pricing yet).

The website offers up what looks like some page previews. A sampling of some of the other pages:

So, do you plan to buy your very own copy of the ultimate lesbian scrapbook?

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