New Music Tuesday: 2-9-2010


It’s Tuesday and we’ve got enough great new music to get you through a couple of weeks (which is great because next week is looking like a sorry excuse). I love weeks when the music gods give us something to satiate every musical appetite, and this week happens to be one of those.

k.d. langRecollection (Nonesuch Records)

The out singer is giving us a two-disc set of her alt-country crooning. Tony Bennett has called her “The best singer of her generation” and she’s got 22 songs (most remastered, but there are a few new ones) to prove him right.

Phantogram Eyelid Movies (Barsuk/Ghostly)

This masterpiece is jam packed with heavily textured beats and synths. There are both strong female and male vocal lead, so if you’re a fan of Bat for Lashes or Moby’s Play, you will most likely enjoy this album. This is another one for my 2010 “best of” list already.

SadeSoldier of Love (Sony Music)

This is the sixth album in all of Sade’s 25 years as a musician. While some in the industry are putting out two a year, she has taken to crafting her albums like a fine wine — always full bodied and silky smooth going down. Don’t take my word for it — go buy it, grab a bottle of wine and get ready for some Valentine’s Day lovin’.

You Say Party! We Say Die!XXXX (Paper Bag Records)

Oh how I love Nu-New Wave music. It makes me want to rock my bike messenger hat with the lid flipped up and put on my neon Ray-Bans as I blast music while sitting in the mall parking lot, feeling misunderstood but surrounded by friends. Dancey, dreamy, punky and electro-clash. Yummy.

The Watson TwinsTalking to You Talking to Me (Vanguard Records)

Truth be told, what I’ve heard of TTY/TTM leaves a bit to be desired. I’m a huge fan of harmonies and creepy things such as twins, but there’s something missing from this album. I want so badly to like this especially since I loved their collaboration with Jenny Lewis on Rabbit Fur Coat. I cannot, however, in good conscience give this my full stubby two thumbs up.

Allison MoorerCrows (Rykodisc)

Singer/songwriter Allison Moorer is a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll. While her music isn’t what I normally what tickles my pickle, I can still appreciate this light and airy album with a richly produced sound.

Honorable mentions: If you do not get your hands on some Hot Chip I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. Otherwise, try out Yeasayer, Massive Attack, DJ Rap and Pantha Du Prince.

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