New Music Tuesday: 1-19-2010


It’s a big week in new-ish music! I say new-ish only because at least one of our albums available for purchase just features songs you probably own half of anyway. There is, however, one new album that makes the high school girl inside of me scream. Let’s see if you can guess which one.

Various Artists2010 Grammy Nominees Compilation — (The Recording Academy)

I have to say, not all Grammy compilations are created equal and this one is one of the best that I’ve seen (I’m going to blame that on my recent love of sugar-pop). The talent includes Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Pink, Adele, my love Kelly Clarkson and the rest of the nominees. Good times are to be had with this album.

Josephine FosterGraphic as A Star (Fire Records)

The album has been out since November but now you can finally get it on vinyl. Josephine’s MySpace page describes her music as “religious blues” — I’d like to add “weird lullaby music” to that description. I don’t know if I love this or hate it. She reminds me of two of my favorites &mdas; Antony and The Johnsons and Coco Rosie — but also sounds like when my Mom impersonates a church choir (which used to make me laugh to the point of peeing myself back in sixth grade).

Maura KennedyParade of Echoes (Planned Effervescence Recordings)

As the prettier half of the rock band The Kennedys (formed in 1993 with her now-husband, Pete) Maura has been making great music in a collaborative realm. In honor of their tenth recorded album, the pair set out to make solo albums. Maura reminds me at times of Liz Phair’s younger days with maybe a little Lisa Loeb.

El MayEl May (Independent)

Singer/songwriter Lara Meyerratken’s debut release is oozing with California sunshine. She is a former multi-instrumentalist for artists like Ben Lee and Lucious Jackson and Dar Williams. Bonus: You can stream the album in its entirety over all Spinner all week.

Honorable mentions this week go out to Spoon, the Crazy Heart soundtrack, The Eels, RJD2 and The Editors.

Who did I leave out and who did I get wrong? Bring it!