Kaia Wilson’s “Journey to the Gay Games”


Kaia Wilson may not think of herself as one, but she’s a dyke rock icon. Her legendary bands,Team Dresch and The Butchies, ushered in the very beginnings of lesbian music cool that has only expanded as ladies become more and more a part of the fashion, entertainment and celebrity scenes.

The Butchies

And though Wilson continues to make music both as a solo artist and in various side projects such as 1994, she has also found a new passion: Ping pong.

Wilson is donning her sporty lesbionic headband and teaming up with filmmaker and fellow musician Kristina Davies to produce an ongoing series of videos chronicling her journey towards this year’s Gay Games in Cologne, Germany.

The first segment appeared in October, introducing her table tennis alter ego the Spin Slayer, and begins her training at Blitz sports bar. Here she competes with unassuming but table talented Brenna Smith, whom she hopes to have as her partner.

Her second video, just released this week, highlights the competitive world of club play. The viewer is also treated to scenes of Kaia competing with Robo-Pong and riding The Neverending Story’s Falcor to ping pong glory.

Will you follow Kaia’s journey to the Gay Games?

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