New Music Tuesday: 1-5-10


Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to New Music Tuesday. This year it is one of my resolutions to start my “Best of 2010” list early. Let’s see if any of this week’s releases will make it onto the list.

Ke$haAnimal (RCA Records)

I gotta say, I’m fairly certain I love Ke$ha’s personality more than I enjoy the auto-tuned pop-hop on this album. Somehow her single “Tik Tok” has already managed to get a ton of hype. I get it: She’s cute, she’s got a smart mouth, she’s got some dancefloor jams, but, overall, I can’t say I haven’t heard this one before. Katy Perry + Hip-Hop + Gravy Train – synthesizers = Ke$ha.

Katherine McPheeUnbroken (Universal Music Group)

This one took me by surprise. I really wasn’t planning on enjoying this former American Idol contestant’s music but for some reason I find it so enjoyably poptastic. I’m going to blame Taylor Swift for my newfound appreciation of tween-puppydog-pop. I just came up with that term, but I think you get the picture. Speaking of picture, yowzah! She is gorgeous.

The CranberriesBualadh Bos: The Cranberries Live (Island)

Fans of Dolores O’Riordan and her unique singing style will enjoy listening to the band’s first live album after being together for 20 — yes, 20 — years. She is still an epic babe.

How’d I do? What’d I miss?

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