Strong enough for a mouse but made for a woman


mouse.jpgKensington’s new Si750m LE Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse is purportedly designed for women, and in honor of its launch the company is donating $125,000 to the American Heart Association (heart disease being the number one killer for U.S. women).

Wondering what makes it “designed for women”? Bingo! It’s got pink on it. But let’s check out its other features in search of further explanation:

  • It’s “sculpted to fit comfortably in a woman’s hand.” Hmm. Last I checked — and I’m a lesbian, so I do check these things — women’s hands came in all different sizes. Will this mouse be irksome to big-boned women but just the ticket for men with dainty paws? Why not just say it’s for small hands and cash in on the kid market too?
  • “High resolution laser sensor tracks the smallest of movements on almost any surface” — because women make dainty, subtle mouse movements and we sometimes forget to make them on a mouse pad. Oopsie.
  • “Mini receiver stores easily inside the mouse and automatically turns it off when stowed” — because we like things that tuck in, and sometimes we forget to turn things off. We’re so silly!
  • “Detection light warns you in advance when battery reaches low power levels” — so we no longer have to chip a nail tapping the thing against the desk, wondering aloud why it won’t work.

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