Willow one-shot is oh-so-gay


Oh, Joss, you’re such a tease. I mean that, of course, in the best possible way.

The one-shot comic Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow, which we told you about a few months ago, is almost to the shelves (come on, Dec. 23!) and we have a preview, thanks to Newsarama. The story, like Willow, is kinda’ gay. OK, very gay.

Since AfterEllen.com doesn’t have a server devoted to Willow (yet), we had to reduce the resolution of the pages. So, if you can’t read the text, hop over to Newsarama for the big picture. Some are a bit NSFW, so wait until your boss isn’t looking for the TPS reports to check them out.

Favorite quotes: “Being a fierce ‘mo has nothing to do with your power” and “No pet names while I’m pouting.” Both are secrets to a happy lesbian life.

What do you love about the Willow preview?

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