Another open letter to “Out” magazine


Dear Out magazine,

Hi again. Remember us? Yeah, it’s gay women. We’re back to talk about your Out 100 list. Now I know we had a bit of a spat when you kissed a girl and I didn’t like it on last year’s cover. But we’re going to ix-nay the aty-Kay erry-Pay talk for now. After all, a year has passed and I believe in second chances. So, let’s look at this year’s cover.

Well look at that, two ladies — and one is a real, live lesbian. Gosh, I feel all warm and tingly. Still this year’s cover featuring Adam Lambert, Wanda Sykes, Lt. Dan Choi, Cyndi Lauper and Rob Marshall is a much improved representation of gender, ethnicity, age and accomplishments. Also, anything that brings more Wanda into my life is a good thing (her current talk show temporarily excluded — um, work on that, girl).

Breaking down this year’s who’s who, your scorecard is indeed better. This year 30, instead of 24, of your 100 honorees are women. Still far from super, but from 22 to 30 percent is at least a step in the right direction. At least you seemed to try harder to find a more deserving representative of our community than she who pretends to likes the taste of cherry Chapstick. Also, you totally got on our good sides by including former managing editor and current young adult author extraordinaire Malinda Lo.

The other honorees were a mix of familiar faces and newcomers from a broad spectrum of TV, movies, theater, fine arts, literature, politics and journalism. The photoshoots were all done in a high school theme. Oh, good, just what every queer person wants to remember — her high school days. But bonus points for getting Ilene Chaiken in there dressed, well, kinda trampy.

Some of the other honorees included actress Kelly McGillis, writers Sarah Waters and Sarah Schulman, anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell and filmmaker Tina Mabry.

While some may wonder why notables like Rachel Maddow, Jane Lynch and Tegan and Sara are not included this year, it appears you studiously try to avoid repeating honorees from year-to-year. Which, really, is a good strategy. It opens the way for lesser known but important figures like blogger Pam Spaulding and journalists like Liz Spayd and Kerry Eleveld.

So, where do we go from here? I say up. Next year let’s see another increase and the next and the next until we are equal, as we should be. Because the world won’t stop making frank, fierce and fabulous gay women. Heck, I’ll even get you started for 2010: Brandi Carlile, Liz Feldman, Jessica Clark, Clementine Ford, Sarah Paulson, Samantha Ronson, Natasha Kai, Ariel Levy, Shamim Sarif, Jasika Nicole. I could go on, hopefully you will too.


Ms. Snarker

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