Morning Brew: Tuesday, Nov. 17


Good morning, gay women!

Let’s get to the bad news first: Window Media, home to gay publications Southern Voice and Washington Blade, has filed for bankruptcy. According to the Washington Post, The Blade Nancy Tucker in the 1960s and started out as a single, letter-size sheet of paper that she mimeographed and distributed herself at gay-friendly bars. R.I.P. a huge part of the gay press.

Nancy Tucker

Speaking of losing legendary parts of the LGBTQ community, writer Andrea Lewis passed away from a massive heart attack this week. An out lesbian who covered homophobia, racism and sexism for The Progressive among other publications and radio stations. She will be missed.

OK, on to some lighter fare: Let’s start with something relatively humorous — Tila Tequila. OURsceneTV caught up with Dani Campbell on the Sweet Cruise, right after they got enough Internet access to see Tila’s firestorm of lesbian-“Dani is my lost love” Tweets last week. Dani had no idea that Tila “came out” but hasn’t heard from her in years. In other news, Dani Campbell is single. Jump on it.

In other Twitter news, you can buy Samantha Ronson‘s account for a day, in the name of charity and reading all her crazy @ responses. It actually could be a fun drinking game — take a shot every time you see a Tweet @samantharonson from @lindsaylohan.

The New York Times review of a new London stage production, The Habit of Art includes a fun line from one lesbian to her “lover”: “It wasn’t me you made love to; it was your own pain.” Wait, was I still talking about Lindsay Lohan?

A new lesbian movie, TH3M, is premiering in Minneapolis at the end of this month. You can check out a preview of the “L Word meets Friends” film on the website.

Out lesbian singer Samantha Fox is on this season of the UK’s I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here. It looks like she’s having a ton of fun.

And out on DVD today: Humpday and Chasing Amy on BluRay.

Happy Tuesday!

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