Babes in Teutonia


Maedchen in UniformAh, remember that little online game everyone was talking about a few years back, “Lesbian or German Lady?” It was put up by Blair magazine, and sadly, the link is now dead, but you would look at photographs of New York City tourists and guess whether the subject was a lesbian or just a German lady (because those categories don’t overlap, right?). The comfortable shoes, the fanny packs, the short haircuts and questionable fashion choices — it was often a tough call to make.

The original game was a boy version called “Gay or Euro Trash?” — and that one is still accessible. Maybe that’s because it took aim at the whole E.U. rather than picking on one particular country, or maybe it’s because gay men tend to be less easily offended, but I’m guessing lots of lezzies found “Lesbian or German Lady?” just plain horrible rather than horribly funny. But perhaps I’m underestimating our collective sense of humor.

My friends and I like to play our own version, but we replace “German” with a particular section of town (I’m not saying anything more) that seems to be a spawning ground for older women who are hard to peg. How dare they elude our neat, discrete categories?!

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