Fergie’s gotta bisexual feeling or two


Newlywed pop star Fergie is known for her Black Eyed Peas and solo-career fame, and less so for that awful girl group Wild Orchid in the 1990s. (Anyone remember them hosting the lip-syncing ABC Family show The Great Pretenders?) This week, she spoke openly to The Advocate about her new role in the movie Nine and her highly-publicized bisexuality.

In previous interviews, Fergie has noted she’s had sexual experiences with women, but now she talks about her bisexuality in the context of her marriage — and no, she will not be making a threesome sex tape.

In the new musical film Nine, Fergie plays a “voluptuous Italian whore who first stimulates the young libido of philogynist filmmaker Guido.” On whether she can relate to this role, Fergie replies:

Definitely. There will be teenage boys at my shows, so sometimes I’m seducing them from the stage. It’s not like anything’s going to happen — it’s very playful and flirtatious — but it’s funny because I’m 34 and they’re 14. So I get that about Saraghina.

Umm, creepy. Mothers, hide your little boys. Lesbians, cover your eyes.

Here’s the trailer:


With co-stars like that, the movie will definitely be hot.

About the first time she got a gay following:

Well, come on, I toured with Cher and Cyndi Lauper in 1999 when I was in Wild Orchid. I love my gays so much, but I don’t think a lot of people know that, which bothers me sometimes. People don’t associate the Black Eyed Peas with the gay market, but our new record is a huge dance record, so people are starting to catch on. I want more gay love!

Wild Orchid

On the gay-friendliness of the Black Eyed Peas:

They’re completely gay-friendly. Are you kidding me? Look at how they dress!

On her gay marriage support in light of her own recent wedding:

I’m completely, 100% for gay marriage and equal rights. It’s crazy that everyone can’t get married. It’s unfair and ridiculous.

On her bisexual past and why it wasn’t a “trendy” thing for her:

The funny thing is that I was very open and honest about that from the very beginning, and everyone was acting like it was some new trend. Go back four or five years, people, and you’ll see the same answer.

On her hubby’s reaction to her attraction to women and why cheating on your boyfriend with a woman is so 2000 and late:

I’ve been very honest with him from the get-go. I think women are beautiful, I’ve had a lot of fun with women, and I’m not ashamed of it. The problem is that I also love a well-endowed man. But just because I enjoy women doesn’t mean I’m allowed to have affairs in my relationship. I learned through talking with my therapist that it is still cheating even if it’s with girls, so there is a rule there.

On whether her sexy seduction of various women in the video for “I Gotta Feeling” was her idea:

Yes, it was. That was fun because it was so naughty. It was a big tease, but it felt very natural.

On how being raised by Catholic schoolteacher parents and when she was first taught to accept gays:

At a very young age. I’ve been in show business since I was a little girl, so it was always very normal to me. My mom taught me that every human is God’s child. You have to live your own life and not judge other people. Love is a great thing.

On whether she got a lesbian vibe from Peppermint Patty and Sally, for whom she did voice-overs for Peanuts TV specials:

Yeah, I kind of got the feeling.

I gotta feeling that Fergie is pretty down with the gays and will continue to be open and honest about her attraction to women. But hopefully we won’t have to wait till “3000 and 8” for gay rights.

What do you think of Fergie’s interview and candidness about her bisexual history?

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