New Music Tuesday: 11-10-09


This week is chock-full of great new releases that I am amped up about. These releases all tend to have a similar autumnal vibe that makes me either want to play in the leaves or relax in a chair while sipping some apple cinnamon spice tea and doing the crosswords. (OMG how stereotypical did I just get!) Let’s begin, shall we?

Essie JainThe Inbetween (The Leaf Label)

This is a North American reissue and I’m thankful they decided to put it back out there because otherwise I never would’ve known of the sweet sounds of Essie Jain. Her throaty voice sits atop piano, cello, violin and horns. You almost can’t go wrong with that combo. She recorded a live session over at Daytrotter this Sunday so be on the lookout for free downloads soon.

Asobi Seksu Hush (Polyvinyl Records)

It’s been a while since their second album, “Citrus”, came out and I was worried they had all but fallen off the face of the earth. The group is led by the angelic voice of Yuki Chikudate. There are elements of dream — pop mixed with some frenetic sampling. So far I’ve enjoyed this album far more than their others and am excited to see them back on the scene.

Fay Wolf Blankets (self-released)

Wolf will be the first one to tell you, she makes sad music. While the subject matter may be morose, it’s showcased beautifully. Uh Huh Her member Camila Grey produced the album which reminds me a bit of Ani Difranco but without some of the roughness around the edges.

LissieWhy You Runnin’ (Fat Possum Records)

This album is exactly what I needed this week and might be my album crush of the week as well. To say that Lissie Maurus is talented is an understatement. This girl kicks ass and takes names while stomping her feet and grabbing the mic. Her influences are listed as being, “Pie. Cigarettes. Porches. Corn hole. Waiting in line.” That’s about as all-American as it gets.

If you’re a fan of Neko Case or Patty Griffin, get on this album. If this hasn’t convinced you, stream the entire thing at Spinner this week.

Honorable mentions go to Tori Amos’s new Christmas album Midwinter Graces (Universal Republic Records), Britney SpearsThe Singles Collection (Jive) and Dolly Parton‘s Live from London CD/DVD concert.

Have I missed any of the albums that are on your radar?