Kristen Stewart gets taken out of context


Kristen Stewart used the words “I’m a lesbian” in an interview and, of course, it gets taken out of context.

Here are some of the headlines about this statement:

“Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Confession” Blackbook Magazine

“Twilight star Kristen Stewart on dating Robert Pattinson: ‘We are. We aren’t. I’m a lesbian.” Telegraph

“Lesbian Kristen Stewart” Contact Music

Ironically, this is what Kristen was hinting at in her original interview when she made this statement. In response to constantly being asked about dating Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, she said she’d rather keep something to herself because no matter what she says, the press is going to run with it. And, it appears she was right.

Kristen told Entertainment Weekly:

I’ve thought about this a lot. There’s no answer that’s not going to tip you one way or the other. Think about every hypothetical situation. “OK, we are. We aren’t. I’m a lesbian.” I probably would’ve answered if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it. But I’m not going to give the finding an answer.

I know that people are really funny about, “Well, you chose to be an actor, why don’t you just give your whole life away? Can I have your firstborn child?”

I’m just trying to keep something. If people started asking me if I was dating Taylor, I’d be like, “F–k off!” I would answer the exact same way.”

Kristen Stewart is just trying to keep some things private. Although you might see some claims she came out as a lesbian on the internet, just know that Kristen could see this one coming, and she’s rolling her eyes about it right now.

But we’re probably the only ones wondering “Is she? Isn’t she?” And I mean a little bit gay — not dating Robert Pattinson.

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