Even better than speaking the language of manatees


HaikuI like poetry. And I like, or am at least undeniably fascinated by, celebrities. So I was happy to happen upon a celebrity haiku blog, and then sad to see that it’s lame and apparently defunct.

There are other smatterings of celebrity haiku (note that the plural form is the same as the singular!) around the Web, but nobody seems very dedicated to the idea.

Feel like trying your hand? I offer these, based on recent posts to this lesbian-ish blog:

Angelina’s eyes

and voice, mouth, body, tattoos —

why can’t I quit you?

Spencer and Ashley

dancing and wielding chopsticks:

not quite delicious

L Word photographs

compel, confuse, titillate;

I will miss Dana

Rosie, I’ll explain:

it’s a Japanese art form —

“haiku,” not “ching chong”

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