Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore share their favorite songs


The other day, I was perusing the iTunes homepage when I spotted a celebrity playlist unlike the rest. Usually, there is only one MC narrating their ultimate mixtape but this time there were two. Not just any two — it was Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page who had put one together, together.

Listening to their banter back and forth gave me the giggles and darn it if I didn’t turn red and make my mind wander to some amazing far off places.

The point of the celebrity playlist is to basically show the world what terrible or incredible music taste a certain celeb has. At one point, Drew says, “Ellen’s got great taste and we share a lot in common and yet I feel like I’m always being turned on to new things by her." Oh I bet! I bet you get turned on by new things coming from Ellen (says the devil on my shoulder picturing the two of them back at Drew’s place dressed in their Whip It costumes, throwing kitchen supplies off the counter and getting into a passionate make-out session where the cutting board normally lays).

Wow, that came out of nowhere.

Anywho, I was really rather impressed by the songs they both chose and it only made my love for the both of them grow. Thankfully, Drew decided not to include anything from any of her musician exes (though, a Hole song wouldn’t have necessarily been a bad thing). Ellen gushed about her picks in a fashion I could only imagine her to gush, “It’s one of those songs I’ve been playing and lying on the floor whilst melting into it. I’m a massive fan of Antony and the Johnsons and his voice with this song has just been shattering me right now in the best possible of ways.” I mean, could that be any more Ellen Page-like?

As a master of the mixtape myself, I must say this one really is fantastic and I think most of you will agree after listening. Thankfully, their talk session is free to download but you only get about twenty seconds of each song. Here’s their recommended playlist:

Neutral Milk Hotel — "Everything Is"

Antony and the Johnsons — "Crazy in Love"

The Section Quartet — "Time is Running Out"

Emiliana Torrini — "Hold Heart"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs — "Skeletons" (Acoustic Version)

The Walkmen — "Four Provinces"

Missy Elliot feat. Ciara and Fat Man Scoop — "Lose Control"

Sarah Harmer — "Dandelions in Bullet Holes"

Phoenix — "1901"

Joanna Newsom — "Sawdust & Diamonds"

Do you like their tunes?

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