A new lesbian magazine aims to be cross-cultural


Lesbian magazines have been in circulation since hand types proto-zines of the 1940s, but, as of today, there are still only a few glossy lesbian mags with significant longevity and circulation. In an era when print media is getting thinner it is exciting to see a new big girl contender with international aspirations.

Due to produce its first issue in December is Bound, a publication its creators (from Australia’s LOTL) are calling “the world’s first international magazine for lesbians and women with a connection to the gay and lesbian community.”

Although the description is a bit of a mouthful it does seem appropriate in a world of increasingly ambiguous identity and identity politics. At the very least, it is more honest than lesbian magazines that so frequently feature straight celebrities on their covers. Indeed, it is the enigmatic Pink, who will appear on Bound’s first issue.

The magazine will be available through subscription as well by worldwide newsstand distribution. It also boasts contributors from around the globe, covering with in-depth features, celebrity interviews, travel editorial, fashion and lifestyle news. It seems that their lofty goal might be attainable.

I find the tag line “Different culture, same lifestyle” particularly intriguing. Though it is likely that many countries where lesbianism is either not recognized or actively persecuted may never see free exchange of the magazine I do hope they attempt to remain true to this principle by actually covering women’s issues in non-Western countries.

Sample travel spread from “Bound”

Bound also describes itself as, “inspired by the success of Sex and the City and The L Word, Bound acknowledges and aims to please the growing sophistication of media-savvy women.” While this does not necessarily resonate hard hitting issues, even a lifestyle pictoral can provide worldwide images and a diverse perspective. I look forward to seeing how they do it.

Does Bound sound like something new and different, or more of the same?

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