More ways to waste time …


Evangeline LillyFor all you office-worker slackers out there, we’ve got yet another list for you to peruse between trips to the copy room and the water cooler:’s list of the Best Blogs of 2006 That You (Maybe)  Aren’t Reading. I found this list via Whitney Matheson’s PopCandy, which I must admit I read every day (yes, even the Lost comments) and is ranked at No. 7 on the list.

Other cool blogs the list spotlights are YPulse, which covers news and commentary on Generation Y (that’s people who are younger than my little brother! gasp!), and TV Squad, which is going to make my TV viewing a lot easier from now on.

Unfortunately, Best.Lesbianish.Day.Ever didn’t make the cut, probably because Filmoculous really isn’t reading us, but hey, we’re new. Anybody know if there are any other lesbianish blogs out there that we should be bookmarking?

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