Rachel Maddow makes the “Elle” It List


It’s no secret that most of us here at AfterEllen.com think Rachel Maddow is one of the smartest, funniest, most interesting people in media (and really, the whole lesbian thing is just a bonus). And it’s not shocking that many of us think she has amazing, not-trying-too hard style.

What is a bit shocking, perhaps, is that Elle magazine agrees.

Rachel Maddow is included among 27 hot celebs on The It List 2009, Elle‘s second annual personal style awards.

Calling Maddow the “media master,” Elle writes (under the hot photo of Rachel in suspenders):

Bucking the status quo, the TV anchor understands the appeal of simplicity, wearing just a brush of mascara, a clean pixie cut, and understated Jil Sander suits.

Thank you, Elle, for recognizing something we’ve been pretty into over the last year. And, while they don’t include her off-show style of button down western shirts, jeans, sneakers and geek-chic glasses, it’s nice to see some representation in a typically straight, ultra-femme publication.

Some other fashionistas who made the list are Kristen Stewart for her “inflections of ’90s grunge and Twilight-ish vampire-chic,” Rihanna for her “daring mix of masculine tailoring and street-style flash,” and, not at all surprisingly, Lady GaGa, for basically wearing crazy ensembles everywhere she goes or, as Elle suggests, being the new Madonna.

The actress we all love to hate/hate to love, Megan Fox, and musician M.I.A. also made the cut.

Check out the rest of who Elle thinks was the most fashionable this year and let us know what you think: Is anyone missing or does it not really matter because you stopped reading after you saw Rachel Maddow’s photo?

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