Women show their smiling faces (and more) on the front of “Rolling Stone”


Love it or hate it, Rolling Stone does one thing very, very well: covers.

The magazine’s Oct. 1 cover inspired its editors to publish a collection of 25 leading ladies that have appeared on its cover.

Here are some highlights.

(April 2, 2009) Never have I so wanted to be an ice cream cone. Mmm.

(June 30, 2005) “The Booty and Soul of America’s Hottest Starlet.” Inspiring.

(October 12, 2000) Oh, Kate. What happened?

(February 14, 2002) Syd could kick my butt any time. Sigh.

(September 17, 1998) Katie, please come back. I miss you.

(April 2, 1998) Occasionally, I meet lesbians who never watched Buffy. At least they claim to be lesbians.

(August 19, 2004) Remember this Lindsay? Neither do I.

Take a look at the rest of the (very white) gallery and let us know what you think. Is your favorite cover lady here? Whose smiling face brings the biggest smile to your face?

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