But will there be a dancing queen?


AbbaSweden wasn’t already the vacation destination of choice for ABBA‘s legions of fans – the pop quartet has sold 370 million records so far, second only to the Beatles and Elvis (who knew?) – but soon it will be an even bigger one when Stockholm becomes the home of the world’s first – and only – ABBA museum.

The interactive museum will include items like the band’s original satin costumes, handwritten song lyrics, gold records, and the instruments the band played on stage, as well as a studio where visitors can record their own versions of ABBA songs.

The ABBA-esque newspaper headlines touting the news are almost as much fun as the news itself:

The museum’s unofficial theme song? “Money, Money, Money”. The Swedes are reportedly projecting the museum will receive 50,000 visitors a year. Maybe I’ll drag my sister to it and we can re-enact the dance routines we used to do in our living room to “Voulez-Vous” and “Does Your Mother Know”. Hey, don’t mock – we grew up in the country, there wasn’t much to do!

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