Styled Out: The women of the U.S. Open


The U.S. Open has been going on for quite a few weeks at this time and to be honest, I haven’t been wildly enthusiastic about the whole thing. Yeah, yeah, I know — it’s one of the most timeless sports that one could watch and all of that but it’s sort of like golf for me — I don’t have a whole lot of interest in watching people smack balls back and forth to one another across a court. Hot or not, my attention span doesn’t have the capacity for that sort of thing.

My girlfriend on the other hand is pretty into it, so I’ve taken what I can about the girl’s outfits and “made lemonade” if you will, because there’s no arguing how good they look scampering around in those tennis skirts.

For those of you out there who are equally as enthusiastic about this whole sporting event, I don’t even have to call Maria Sharapova to your attention, but I’m going to do it for the rest who may be living under a rock.

She is crazy attractive and has been getting props left and right for her clothing choices, and with excellent reason — she essentially started a new trend in tennis by wearing day and night ensembles for her tournament matches.

Unreal. Just when I thought there couldn’t be anything I could find to love in tennis tournaments, here she was. I am so digging on her color combination choices, too. Basically the girl has got it going on, seeing as how she’s currently the face for designer Cole Haan.

The latest “phenom” (as my GF calls her) is 17-year-old Melanie Oudin, and this gal is not only shaping up to be the next athletic sensation, she would appear to have a bit of taste, too.

Not to rub salt in any wounds or anything, but she kinda-sorta beat Sharapova on Sunday, too. Her leg was bandaged up but she still managed to smoke the court in a head to toe Adidas get-up that was iced with a pair of technicolor sneakers (my fave, duh). Give me another year, I might have something dirty to say but until then, mum’s the word on this new American sweetheart.

The most awesome/biggest burn is that both Maria and next on my list, Nadia Petrova have already been taken out of the running due to her underage hand.

Petrova is pretty much known amongst lady lovers as having amazing, defined arms and legs which in turn highlight what she’s wearing on the court. Note the hottest red on white Lacoste choice for her tennis gear, an original choice and actually kind of forward. In my opinion, the “preppy” look is coming back, if not mildly. Every hipster I know is mocking it in some form. If you’re going to do it though, go for something that’s classically refined and respected like the brand Nadia chose, not Abercrombie.

I know there are a bunch of you who are probably itching to pick up a racket after all the hype of the Open, so do it with style. Any place we should know about to pick up duds to sweat (attractively) in?

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