The Cranberries reunite for a tour


Some things from the ’90s should never make a comeback: Slap bracelets, mesh tops, MC Hammer pants (and MC Hammer), and yeah, I’ll go there, the grunge look. I could probably go on and on about regrettable fashions and fads of the decade, but this is about one thing that I’ve been waiting for to come back. And it’s finally happening: The Cranberries are reuniting.

The news is mind-blowing on so many levels. Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan just released her second solo album, No Baggage, last week and was supposed to embark on her own tour in September, but announced its cancellation last week. Instead of going it alone, O’Riordan and the original members of the Cranberries said they will reform for the first time in seven years.

Gen-Xers everywhere, rejoice. Dust off your Reality Bites VHS, polish your Doc Martins and rip some holes in your jeans. (Wait, those aren’t boot cut? What are you doing?)

While the decision to reunite (though the band was never officially broken up, just on “indefinite hiatus” — do they have to, do they have to let it linger?) seems like it should have been a long time coming, it, apparently, was not.

According to, who talked to O’Riordan about her solo album, “the idea just came up recently and the decision to reform was only made in the last two or three weeks.”

In a statement on the band’s official website, O’Riordan wrote:

I’ve decided to reunite with my former band members in The Cranberries and we will be writing new songs and performing tracks off my new album as well as our greatest hits during the shows. I’d love to see you out there.

Well, I’d love to see you, Dolores — uh, and the rest of the band, too, I guess.

The Cranberries tour will begin in North America at the end of the year, with European dates early next year. Here’s hoping they’ve ditched their Doc Martins (and slap bracelets), and that we won’t have to wait another seven years for the next one.

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