Whitney Houston preps for a comeback


There’s a story they tell in recording studios around the world, about a singer born not of man and woman, but of God and and Cissy Houston — a musical messiah who would astonish the world with her voice and, after an illustrious career as a movie star and recording artist, ascend to heaven, where The Almighty would kick out the chorus of consecrated angels, saying, "Sing that one from The Bodyguard again, Whitney."

Sadly, somewhere between "The Greatest Love of All" and heaven, Whitney Houston was ensnared by whack-crack, reality TV and tumultuous personal relationships. In recent years, her struggles have become a PR nightmare and even her once-angelic voice appeared to be shot.

It seemed that Houston, who is the most decorated recording artist of all time — The Guinness Book of World Records has her down for 411 awards — was destined to be a pop-culture punchline for the rest of her life.

Of course, even the most powerful demigods have their struggles (I’m looking at you, Hercules, you big Lothario!). And now, promising that her drug-addled, Bobby Brown-befuddled days are behind her, Whitney Houston is ready to drop her new album, I Look To You.

The entire album is streaming online at WhitneyHouston.com. It’s a little more techno-poppy than many Houston fans were expecting, and her voice does sound bit seasoned, but by the time the LP hits track four, "I Look To You," you can feel the angels in heaven (plus Mariah Carey) shifting around nervously.

Houston’s first interview in seven years will air when The Oprah Winfrey Show premieres its twenty fourth(!) season on September 14. Oprah is calling it "the most anticipated music interview of the decade," and you’ve got to believe her because, like Whitney, Oprah is at least part-god. (In fact, I have my suspicions that Oprah may be all-god, which explains how she landed the interview.)

I am all about Whitney. So, until the interview airs and the album drops next week, I’ll just be sitting here on the Team Comeback bleachers, waving my pom-poms and my "I Will Always Love You" poster.

Listen to Whitney’s new album and let us know what you think of her return to grace in the comments!

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