Video game tidbits from Times Square to Capitol Hill


The Toys R Us in Times Square now has PlayStation 3 kiosks. Well, that’s good news for some, but not for me: I’m not a fan of kiosks. They’re grimy and germy and people watch over your shoulder, which makes me play like a straight girl.

Guitar Hero IIAnd the forthcoming game I’m most interested in is not kiosk-friendly anyway: Guitar Hero II (which I will play on my PlayStation 2, for the sake of parallelism). I hope it’s as good as it sounds–you can play bass or rhythm guitar, not just lead guitar!–because I can’t find my memory card with my fully played Guitar Hero I data on it. Dude, I even got the reaper character and the battle axe guitar. Sigh.

Meanwhile, there’s a Pac Man-ish Flash game called Foley’s Follies that features a drunken Mark Foley running after congressional pages and hitting power pills labeled “IM.” It’s all kinds of wrong.

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