Hello, Cleveland


The RonettesThe 2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot has been issued. It’s a strange list: R.E.M., Van Halen, Grandmaster Flash (word!), The Stooges (as in Iggy and), Chic (aaaaah, freak out!) and… I don’t know, some other people. The only women on the list? Patti Smith, and the Ronettes.

Not that they could ever be called “only” anything. I mean, Patti Smith is a damn goddess, even though that NY Times picture of her at the CBGB closing was more down-and-out than deity.

As for the Ronettes, I dig them, but when I hear “R&B girl group” these days, my mind goes right to Dreamgirls. Cannot. Wait. For. December.

But anyway: is this a good percentage? Two out of what, nine? The sad thing is that I can’t really think of anyone else to nominate, because Chrissie Hynde is already there and there just haven’t been that many female rockers over the years. I will say this: if Sleater-Kinney doesn’t get there eventually, I’m never going to set foot in Cleveland again. Oh, wait.

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