Holiday Hotspots for Gay Women Visiting the UK




Vanilla Nightclub/ Courtesy of Mikey

The Manchester gay scene is mainly centered along Canal Street (whose sign is sometimes vandalised to read ‘anal treet’) and the Gay Village, which was featured in the original British TV show Queer as Folk.

Manchester has one of the largest gay communities in the country and is the birthplace of many LGBT rights organisations, including the Queer Youth Alliance and the Lesbian & Gay Foundation.


Vanilla: This female only bar, described as “the lesbian mecca of the north” has won the coveted title of Best Bar in the UK from European lesbian magazine, Diva, many times over the past twenty years. It champions lesbian culture, not only in Manchester but throughout the UK. While it may look tame from the outside, don’t be deceived; it’s a rave behind the cottage bricks.

The Molly House: This delightfully eccentric pub in the heart of the Gay Village, concentrates on serving authentic Spanish and South American tapas and real ale.



Cultural Activities

People’s History Museum: This museum is dedicated to people changing the world, inspiring the activists of tomorrow by showcasing the fights of yesteryear. This summer features several exhibitions dedicated to our struggles including:

  • Love is Not a Crime: 10 years of the Lesbian Immigration Support Group
  • Never Going Underground: The fight for LGBT+ rights: A unique exhibition curated by members of the local LGBT+ community
  • Queer Noise: The History of LGBT+ Music & Club Culture in Manchester


So, what do you think? Will you be visiting any of these places this summer? Are there any hotspots that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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