Holiday Hotspots for Gay Women Visiting the UK




Statue of Lenin outside The Kremlin/ Courtesy of Rossographer

Belfast does not have the best lesbian scene. In fact, it doesn’t have any exclusively lesbian bars, which is shocking until you realize that Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is still not legal #ThanksReligion. It does, however, have a special place in its heart for the queer arts (like the dark arts but with rainbow colors).


Kremlin: This Soviet Russia-themed dance club caters to all LGBT people. It’s basically three clubs in one, with a two-level disco bar, a stylish cocktail bar and a two-level club arena inside. They regularly have live musical performances from 80s starlets and X Factor contestants and host theme nights like Vegas Casino or the Goscars (That’s Gay Oscars).


Cultural Activities

Queen’s Film Theatre: This independent theatre in University Square is not your typical cinema; preferring to show LGBT-themed movies (or those with LGBT actors) and becoming involved the Belfast Pride Fest.

They are currently showing Personal Shopper, a horror movie starring Kristen Stewart, and St Joan, a live broadcast from the National Theatre, starring British actress, Gemma Arterton.

Outburst Queer Arts Festival: This annual festival is 10 days of celebrating art of all kinds made by LGBT people. It mixes art with activism in order to shake up the status quo, bringing our rights to the foreground of the picture.

Last year’s festival focused on the subject of home; from what it means to young people who may have been forced from their parent’s house upon coming out to what it means to people who have to fight for their right to get married, have children and make a home for themselves.

While they have not yet released the dates for the 2017 Outburst festival, it looks set to be in the autumn.

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