An Horse on “Letterman,” Favorite Bands, and Favorite Things


Between sets at this year’s annual music festival South by Southwest (SXSW), I sat down with the duo that make up the Australian band An Horse — out lesbian lead singer and guitarist Kate Cooper and drummer Damon Cox — to ask them about playing on Letterman, which bands have influenced them, and their favorite things.

Don’t miss the free MP3 download at the end of the interview! Tell me about the band name "An Horse."

Kate Cooper: It was a

grammar conversation I was having with my next door neighbor at home

in Brisbane, years ago … about the use of “an” before hard H’s. It

became an ongoing debate we had because we lived next door to each

other. I liked the way the two words sounded together. My neighbor

made me a sweater with “an horse” on it and i loved it. It’s still my

favorite sweater.

AE: How did you two meet?

Damon Cox: We

were aware of each other because we both played in Brisbane bands. We

actually met when I was working in a record store and Kate ended up

getting a job at the same place…so we got to know each other fairly

quickly from working together.

AE: So when/why did you decide to start playing together?

DC: Well, we didn’t really start playing together for a

good two years or so.

KC: We talked about it a lot.

DC: We

realized we had a lot of common interests. We liked the same bands and

went to see shows together … and toyed with the idea of playing

together one day. Kate ended up supporting one of my bands, playing a

solo set. She said "why don’t you get up and play drums on a couple


KC: It made sense.

DC: The timing was finally right to

play together. We went into the rehearsal room and it clicked really

well. I think [Kate] played 8 songs and I went up for three songs.

From there it quickly progressed into a real thing.

KC: Yeah, I

remember it was really exciting straight off. It just worked.

AE: It’s great how you can pull off being a two-piece band

without it sounding like something is missing.

DC: We

didn’t set out to be a two piece. It just happened. We didn’t feel

like we needed to bring anyone else in. Mainly, on a personal level

more than musically.

KC: Even before we started playing together,

we were talking about music. We were really comfortable with each

other. We’re on the same page musically and I think adding someone

else into that situation is unnecessary. It didn’t feel right.


We have quite a few friends trying to join the band and we’re just

like no, no.

AE: Maybe for fun. At a live show…?



DC: No.

KC: No, I don’t want them getting comfortable with

the idea.

AE: What bands/musicians have made an impact on you? Or

possibly made you want to be a musician?

DC: We were

talking about this the other day and when I’m asked this question, I

didn’t really think I had specific influences. We kind of figured out

that we do.

KC: Sleater-Kinney, Go Betweens

DC: Fugazi and At

the Drive In
inspired me. Fugazi was the first band

I got into. They were honest in the way they made music.

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