“Prop 8: The Web Series” tackles some tough topics


The Fine Brothers have been working on a project called Prop 8: The Web Series. Each episode of the series examines a different right granted by the California Constitution, and imagines what it would be like if that right were taken away, the way right to marry was taken away from gay people.

The first episode, “Religion,” is much less incendiary than the other two episodes released so far. The second episode, “Military,” involves rape, and the third episode shows a young African American woman being taken as a slave.

Episode 1: Religion:

A couple returns home from church, effusive in their praise of religion. Just as they’re getting really worked up about Jesus, two Prop 8 Agents burst in and knock them around with a Bible. When they protest that it is within their rights as citizens of California to enjoy religion, one of the agents barks, “No! It used to be your rights. Ever since Prop. 8 passed it paved the way to take it away!”

Episode 2: Military

A couple enjoys a leisurely afternoon together until the Prop 8 Agents knock down the door and commandeer their house for the military use, including making their daughter property of the U.S. Army. This episode isn’t funny to me, because the implication at the end is that one of the Prop 8 Agents is raping the daughter. “Well,” the parents say, “At least gays can’t get married.”

Episode 3: Slavery

A couple interviews a young African American girl for a job as a cook/housekeeper, but when she asks how much it pays, they double over with laughter. They’ll be taking her as a slave, they tell her. She explains that it’s not the 1800s; slavery is illegal. “If this were 2007 that would be true,” the guy says. “But this is the present. The gays lost their rights with the passage of Prop 8, and so did you when we voted to bring back slavery!”

The slogan of the series is “equal rights or no rights.” It makes the point pretty effectively, but I could have really done without the implication of rape in the second video. I get the idea — I think it may just be a step too far. What do you think of the web series’ first three episodes?

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