Cat Cora and partner talk hormones with “Life and Style”


The key ingredient around Iron Chef Cat Cora’s house is going to be a whole lot of breast milk. The 41-year old and her longtime partner, Jennifer, recently had their third child and are expecting another.

The couple decided to put not one but two buns in the oven for this round of pregnancy (sorry I had to do it, you knew it was coming — chef is to pregnant as bun is to oven). The couple, who looks pretty darn delicious themselves if you ask me, is featured in the new issue of Life & Style magazine, where they talk about their joint-pregnancy and expanding family.

Cat and Jennifer already have two children together, so parenthood isn’t anything new to them, but this is the first time Cora is carrying one of the babies. The lovely ladies were implanted with a combo of each other’s eggs — making a veritable smorgasbord for the anonymous sperm to go at their wombs like a Vegas buffet.

Still, who did they keep on call to make the “weird cravings” runs I’ve heard so much about? Their sons Zoran is only five and Caje is two, I doubt they can cross the street alone much less grab a slurpee, some string cheese and a seven-layer burrito from Taco Bell for their moms!

The only thing I imagine would be scarier than being pregnant with my partner is being pregnant together in a house filled with knives. “We were a little scared going through the hormones together &mdsah; that’s a lot of emotion,” Jen told Life & Style.

I’ll say! Even just being on the same pms cycle is scary. Cat says the experience “makes us more supportive of each other. We share maternity clothes and cravings!” What magical land of unicorns did these women find each other in? They can share clothes and be hopped up on hormones without a major breakdown? Sounds splendid.

On April 4, Jennifer gave birth to their son, Thatcher Julius Cora. Cat still has a little ways to go (she’s due in July) and will be giving birth to the couple’s fourth son.

While Jennifer will be staying home to raise the children, Cora will be starting a new business venture with the Walt Disney World Resort. Her Grecian and Southern-inspired cuisine will reign supreme at her new restaurant, Kouzzina, replaces Spoodles. Only two more months until Gay Days at the theme park, so I guess we’ll have to come back in the fall to have a taste of what Cora’s been cooking.

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