Missy Higgins puts out two new EPs and moves back to Australia


Bisexual singer/songwriter Missy Higgins just released a new EP, More Than This, which includes a cover of the Roxy Music song by the same name. Although the EP is only available in Australia, Higgins has also released an Acoustic Sessions EP that’s available digitally everywhere, and includes stripped-down versions of songs form On A Clear Night, including “Where I Stood,” “Secret,” “Peachy” and “Forgive Me.”

With a new album in the works (and no release date in sight), Higgins told an interviewtralia’s The Age that More Than This is something she was excited to do because she wanted to interpret Roxy Music’s song in her own way. The song has become number one on iTunes in Australia, which also happens to coincide with her move back to Melbourne after living in Los Angeles for 10 months.

“I feel great,” Higgins told the newspaper. “I feel more settled as a human being.”

She also briefly touched on how coming out as bisexual last year has made her feel much better about all the talk regarding her orientation:

If I was honest about it in the first place, it wouldn’t have reached the crescendo that it did. It’s good that it’s passed. I had faith it would.

Higgins has been very eco-conscious, utilizing green technology for her tours and standing against an industralizing proposal that would threaten wild parts of Western Australia. Higgins says all profits from More Than This will be given to help fight the plans.

“It’s the most beautiful, untouched place I’ve ever experienced,” Higgins said. “It’s a tragedy, and I’ve been doing everything I can to campaign against the gas hub.”

Aussies, will you buy the EP and join the anti-industralization campaign? I’ve already downloaded my Acoustic Sessions EP, just for “Secret,” her song about a girl that didn’t want to come out when she was with Missy. The nerve!

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