“OUT” leaves lesbians behind in its Power 50


Not surprisingly, when OUT magazine released its list of the 50 most powerful gay men and women in America, lesbians were vastly outnumbered. While only 12 power lesbians made the list (and we can think of many more), the women who were included certainly deserve to be there.

The third annual “Power 50″ — which is based on political clout, cultural resonance, individual wealth and current personal profile — features some AfterEllen.com favorites. Ellen DeGeneres dropped from No. 1 to No. 2 this year, but her importance “shows no signs of slowing down,” according to the mag. Agreed!

Also near the top is a new face on the list: Rachel Maddow, who got the No. 3 spot. While you can’t argue with her political and cultural resonance, we think a lady who can look so good while making tasty cocktails deserves to be celebrated on any list, always.

Our fave financial guru Suze Orman moved up from No. 24 to No. 22 (we all need Suze’s wisdom in these tough economic times), Wanda Sykes debuted at No. 35 after a politically active and freshly out year, Jodie Foster, (who OUT outed in last year’s Power 50 issue) was No. 36, and Rosie O’Donnell, despite being cut loose from The View, made the list at No. 42 for her advocacy work for children.

They may not be celebrities, but other lesbian list-makers hold some of the most powerful and well-respected jobs in the country. Activist Urvashi Vaid came in at No. 50, politico for CNN and HuffPo Hilary Rosen debuted at No. 46, and media maven Martha Nelson still made No.33 on the list despite her company (Time Warner) reporting big losses.

Politicos round out the lesbians in the list, with principal environmental policy adviser to the Obama administration Nancy Sutley at No. 40, New York City councilwoman Christina Quinn at No. 27 and first out (and very outspoken for LGBT rights ) House of Representatives member Tammy Baldwin at No. 11.

As AfterElton.com reported , the magazine continued its tradition of outing folks this year, which we don’t support, but fortunately, Wanda Sykes, who was featured in 2007’s “Glass Closet” issue, has come out since then, and Jodie Foster took a step out of the closet by thanking her partner after winning an award.

Unfortunately, Anderson Cooper, self-hating alleged gay Matt Drudge and Barry Diller have not — but still made the list.

Who else did OUT forget? Well, for starters their cover girl Beth Ditto, who brought not only a fresh lesbian face to the fashion mags, but seems to be becoming the “it” girl for curvier women. Or what about out CNN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell?

We surely deserve more than 24 percent of that list.