New Music Tuesday: 4-7-09


The ultimate gay indie-punk rocker Bob Mould releases his new album, Life and Times this week, with several great rock songs, including the single “I’m Sorry Baby, But You Can’t Stand in My Light Anymore.”

If you’re familiar with Mould’s work in the legendary ’80s punk band Hüsker Dü or any of his solo work after the band’s break-up, you’ll enjoy the same sound on Life and Times.

Also in stores today:

Bat for LashesTwo Suns (Astralwerks Records)

The band that is Natasha Khan follows-up her critically hailed first album, Fur and Gold, with Two Suns. The sophomore effort offers songs like “Daniel,” a dreamy, esoteric track in the vein of M83 and Zero 7 with Sia.

Lady SovereignJigsaw (Midget/EMI Records)

After parting ways with Def Jam and Jay-Z, the tiny MC took some time off to work on more music, and we’re better off for it. Songs like “So Human,” which samples The Cure, and “I Got You Dancing” are prime dancefloor fun hits.

Jenny Owen YoungsLed to the Sea (Nettwerk Records)

The singer/songwriter has put out a four track EP to tide fans over until her second full-length is finished. Led to the Sea is alto lo-fi indie-pop that fans of Brandi Carlile and Feist will find agreeable.

Sara WatkinsSara Watkins (Nonesuch Records)

The Nickel Creek member goes it alone on her first solo album. Fans of the folk-country group will enjoy her melancholy slow jam “Same Mistakes” and violin-laden “Long Hot Summer Days.”

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