TV Alert: Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship airs tonight


Tonight is one of the best TV nights of the year &mdash and trust me, I’m not talking Dancing With the Stars. Wait — yes I am./p>

This is the dance that brings out the real stars: the women’s NCAA Championships. And no one expected this particular contest.

Sure, UConn is already clearing a space on the trophy shelf to become the fifth team in NCAA women’s basketball to finish the season undefeated.

And Louisville, at the dance for the first time, is facing the team that already has beaten them badly twice this season: 75-36 and 93-65. As Mechelle Voepel wrote, “It might seem that Thelma and Louise had a better chance of landing safely at the bottom of that canyon than Louisville has of beating Connecticut on Tuesday.”

But as Oklahoma discovered Sunday, Louisville seems to keep winning games that they aren’t supposed to win.

One disappointment for me is that I don’t get to see a woman head coach do her thing tonight. This is just the second time two men have led the championship teams (Leon Barmore at La Tech and Joe Clampi at Auburn were first in 1988). And quite honestly, the playoffs just haven’t been the same without Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols.

But quite a few stars will be born tonight, some of whom we will see for years to come in the WNBA. I can hardly wait to see who will shine the brightest.

The NCAA Women’s Championship game is tonight at 8:30 ET on ESPN. For a special treat, sign up to follow Rebecca Lobo on Twitter and find out what goes on in the huddles.

Is your couch cooler stocked for tonight’s game? Can Louisville pull off another upset?

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