Amanda Palmer wants to be independent


Amanda Palmer is not shy about her feelings. The Dresden Dolls frontwoman who put out her debut solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer? last year, is not a big fan of big labels.

In a recent concert in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Palmer broke into song about wanting to be dropped by her label, Roadrunner Records (a subsidiary of Warner Bros.)

To the tune of “Moon River,” she sang what she calls “Please Drop Me”:

Please drop me / I don’t fit on your roster / I’m tired of this pointless s–t/ Please drop me/ What do I have to do? / I’m tired of sucking corporate d–k /You don’t get me / You won’t let me / Continue my career in peace and it’s making me sad / Too late now to fix this f—–g mess / So please just let me go / I swear you won’t miss me / You don’t love me / I’m not making you any money / Plus you’ll still have Slipknot / And Annihilator and Machine Head / And Cradle of Filth and Megadeth / And 3 Inches of Blood and Life of Agony / And Mutiny Within and Hatebreed / And Killswitch Engage and Nickelback

While her gutsy approach to dealing with corporate music execs is certainly getting her a lot of attention, so far Roadrunner has not obliged. In fact, in a recent statement to Pitchfork, they’re claiming to still have her back:

Roadrunner Records continues to support the career and artistry of Amanda Palmer [and] we are enthusiastically promoting Amanda’s debut solo effort.

Have they not heard the saying, “If you love someone, let them go?” Apparently not. Or, perhaps they think all this attention will, in fact, make them more money. One thing is for sure, though — Palmer is pretty good at getting attention on her own and doesn’t seem to need any help from a label anymore. And definitely not one that edited out shots of her bare stomach in her video for “Leeds United.”

Palmer looks pretty angry in her new video for “Astronaut,” so her label should already know she’s not one to mess with.

Palmer fans, what do you think of her wanting to get off Roadrunner?

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