Girl in a Coma will release “Trio B.C.” this summer


Girl in a Coma‘s debut album, Both Before I’m Gone, was released in 2007, but the trio was successful in releasing three hit singles and touring off the 10-track CD through 2009 — they’re just that good (and dedicated to fans). They finally took a break to write and record a new album, which now has a title and a release date. Trio B.C. will come out on Blackheart Records on June 2.

Of the title, the band says:

We chose Trio B.C. as the album title because it was the name of [sisters Phanie and Nina’s] grandfather’s tejano band way back in the 50s. He was our first musical influence . He would play us guitar and sing and we would love to watch him in the garage with a cold beer in his hand playing his records and sing along like he meant it. His passion is our inspiration. We hope to make people feel that way about our music.

The band stuck with Joan Jett’s label for their sophomore release, and even have Jett and her co-hort Kenny Laguna producing tracks for the album. They also worked with Gabe Collins, who has done tracks for Gwen Stefani and U2 and Gabriel Gonzalez, who worked on Both Before I’m Gone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

The album will also include the band’s first song in Spanish: “Ven Cerca.” The song is a cover of a Los Spitfires song.

June may still be months away, but GIAC aren’t leaving us high and dry — they are releasing the Hiding My Trail EP on vinyl and digital formats on April 21. Having the two tracks (“Only I” and “A Conversation”), I can vouch that it’s not much of a departure from songs like “Say” and “My Cell” — which is a good thing. Girl in a Coma have a great handle on their dark pop-rock style, and it allows them to appeal to all different kinds of crowds, including gay ladies who not only appreciate the basslines from out member Jenn Alva, but the insatiable hooks and layered instrumental that makes them so much more than a Joan Jett pet project or “girl band.”

As for Trio B.C., fans will definitely not be disappointed. Punk with tinges of bluegrass, goth-rock and rockabilly, the album is definitely worth the wait.

Will you be picking up Girl in a Coma’s EP and new album?