Eliza Dushku shows off her doll parts


I am not too patient with new TV series. If a show doesn’t grab my attention by the second or third episode, I usually quit watching. But I stuck with Dollhouse — and my patience has paid off in spades. I mean, the concept has been kind of interesting all along, but in Episode 6 it was like Captain Whedon said, “Engage,” and the show shot into warp speed. Watch. This. Show.

If you’re already a fan, btw, be sure to check out Dara’s weekly mini-caps. They really must be read to be believed.

If you’re not a fan, and need a reason to watch other than my telling you to, perhaps Eliza Dushku’s recent interview/ photo spread for Saturday Night Magazine will inspire you.

You’re more enlightened already, aren’t you?

Here are some highlights of the article.

Dushku on the meaning of Dollhouse:

It relates to the universal theme of searching for our true identities. There’s so much stimulus in the world today whether it be technology, the Internet or pharmaceuticals, it’s like we are constantly trying to play with who and what we are so the science fiction is actually not too far off of what is going on today.

Obviously, this is a woman who knows about stimulus.

On the challenge of playing a new character every episode:

It’s unbelievably challenging at times, but it’s also so much fun. It’s exactly what I asked for from Joss. … I have sort have been typecast as this strong, young woman … but there was also vulnerability and womanliness that was coming through me and Joss saw that and wanted to give me a chance to show other people as well.

Womanly, yes. Vulnerable? Not so much.

On playing such a physical role:

I love the physical! I was raised with three big brothers as a tomboy in Boston. Even from my first days on Buffy, I was ready to jump in the action. I’m always ready to jump in and fight with the boys and the girls.

Suddenly, I feel very much like fighting.

You can peruse the whole article here. Have you gotten into Dollhouse yet?

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