Gretchen Phillips gets comfortable


Gretchen Phillips has been out in the music business since she was just a sweet lady in the band Two Nice Girls.

After the disbanding of the group, she went on to perform solo, and after a five year hiatus, she’s back with a new album, called I Was Just Comforting Her.

Phillips worked with another well-known lesbian musician on the disc:Melissa York of The Butchies and Team Dresch. The outcome is an eclectic tapestry of pop-country-folk-punk-rock with a lesbian tinge, with songs like “Honey, I Feel So Good” and “Burning Inside.”

Sounds quite passionate, to me. And I can’t help but love the album title. I Was Just Comforting Her — is that an explanation? An apology? I’m curious, and want to know more about what Gretchen Phillips has to say, especially when put to music.

Are you a fan of Phillips or her previous work with Two Nice Girls?

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