Tara Jane O’Neil puts out “A Ways Away” on K Records


If you’re not familiar with Tara Jane O’Neil‘s music, now’s as good as time as any to discover her. The out musician is a prolific songwriter, with four solo albums under her belt. Her new release is coming out in May on K Records, home to several indie queer artists like The Blow and Tender Forever, and Mirah, who lends her voice to O’Neil’s fifth solo release, A Ways Away.

It’s possible you know of O’Neil and weren’t even aware. She starred in the 1994 indie rock flick, Half-Cocked, which was released on DVD last year.

The film followed O’Neil and her fictitious bandmates while they toured in a van around the country, playing live shows. It was in the Pacific Northwest’s musical heyday, and O’Neil was part of the indie rock band Retsin.

Still not ringing a bell? Take a listen to the song “Drowning” off A Way’s Away and find out if she’s to your liking.

And if you are more into 1990s movies about the grunge music scene ala Singles, grab a copy of Half-Cocked and reminisce about the good old days.

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