The Internet makes horribly offensive Japanese video game available to all


I know this is slightly tardy, because all of the women-friendly blogs out there have already expressed their outrage, but it took me a few days to tape my skull back together after my head exploded. Plus, had I not taken the last few days to calm down, I would have written a piece intended to incite violence, and that would have been uncivilized (as well as falling outside of First Amendment protections).

With that being said, if you have not yet read about the execrable rape simulation video game called “Rapelay,” please do not continue reading unless you have an iron stomach. There really aren’t any euphemisms that I can use to describe what is involved in the game play, so if you are easily disturbed, stop reading. This is your final warning.

In the past couple of weeks,, and removed the rape simulation game “Rapelay” that was being sold via third-party vendors on their sites. The game was not supposed to be sold outside of Japan, but the global reach of internet commerce has allowed copies to be distributed worldwide.

The objective of the game is to stalk a mother and her two children, described as “virgin schoolgirls,” and rape them repeatedly in every orifice until you “break” them and they become your willing sex slaves. Lovely, right? You can also recruit other men to gang rape them.

The only way to lose this game is if you impregnate one of your victims and you don’t force her to get an abortion. Also, one of the victims may randomly stab you, but only if you randomly put her in the cowgirl sex position. Otherwise, it’s just continued sexual assault with no repercussions.

A more detailed review of the revolting details in this game is here.

Yes, I know that this game will not directly cause anyone to rape any more than the "Grand Theft Auto" series will cause anyone to steal cars and go on killing sprees; but this game makes a heinous crime primarily aimed at women into entertainment, and singling out women as the target makes this game a little more objectionable than your standard “kill ‘em all!” violent games — at least in my opinion. Can you imagine a game whose objective were to kill only black people or Asian people, for example? (But what if "Rapelay" allowed players to rape both women and men, you ask? Oh, wait. Then the demographic who would buy this game wouldn’t buy this game, which is yet another disturbing observation.)

The most disturbing theme in this game is the idea that if you break down a woman repeatedly, she will grow to like being raped, i.e. women secretly want to be taken against their will. After portraying the women being raped in excruciating detail — see, for example, this post from Jezebel, which relays the level of detail present in the game, i.e. "tears that glisten and move in the little girl’s eyes," the game tells us that, after all of this suffering, women eventually enjoy it.

In fact, there are really no punishments for raping in this game. There are really no ways to lose this game other than not forcing your victim to get an abortion. Contrast this to any game in the "Grand Theft Auto" series, where the point is to commit violent crimes to become a crime boss, but if you are caught shooting someone, the cops will attempt to chase you down.

I can’t even express the level of WTF and disbelief that this game is even on the market. Sure, it’s easy to point your finger and proclaim that there must be something seriously screwed up in Japanese culture, but as we have seen from the news reports, this game leaked out of Japan and was sold worldwide, which means that there was worldwide demand for this game. So patting ourselves on the back and saying, “Gee, those foreigners must be messed up” would be rather presumptuous.

Again, I don’t believe that this game will directly cause anyone to rape, but the fact that it was even made and the fact that it was in demand across the globe is a symptom that there are still some blemishes on the face of humanity.

(If you want to contact the makers of this game, here is a link to their contact info.)