Beth Ditto bares all for another magazine cover


Beth Ditto is fearless. Check her out as the cover woman of a new magazine called Love, which comes out this month:

It’s one of the best covers I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not tacky like some other possibly queer women who posed for Playboy this month. It’s actually very tasteful and artfully done, in my opinion. It’s even better than her previous nude pose on the cover of UK music rag, NME.

Love is a new Conde Nast publication and editor Katie Grand seems to be taking advantage of a new way of thinking. Of Ditto as the debut’s cover woman, she says:

“She says the wrong things. She looks the wrong way. Isn’t it confounding and amazing to have an iconic figure who doesn’t have a 25-inch waist? She is happy with who she is and the way she is.

I have high hopes for this new magazine with an editor who appreciates someone like Beth Ditto, an outspoken and talented woman who just happens to also be a lesbian. The first issue will be available Feb. 19. Will you be picking it up?

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