“Men’s Health” aims to offend


When I’m at the gym, I always have men on my mind.

It’s crazy, really. I am pretty inspired by the thought of the male species, and it motivates me to sweat profusely.

And if I feel like a run, late at night, alone, I’m thinking, “I wish there was a man right here, right now.”

At least that’s what Men’s Health seems to assume. I think most, if not all, women would beg to differ. Even non-gay women. It seems to me that when we work out, it’s for health reasons, for fitness, for the adrenaline rush — for many, many other reasons than “men.” (The exception being a “Run for Prostate Cancer” benefit or something along those lines.)

It’s obvious to me that Men’s Health is attempting to be talked about. They can’t seriously think this ad is going to pass as reasonable. They probably don’t care. This is probably exactly what they want. We’re women, we’re pissed, we don’t buy Men’s Health — so what’s the benefit?

Great, now this whole blog is “all about men.” Mission accomplished, Men’s Health. But just so you know, I’m willing to bet most of your readership is gay men, and they certainly don’t care what women are thinking about when they work out.

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