Keeping Score: What’s a lesbian to do with the NFL?


Last weekend I was faced with the unhappy task of admitting to my grandfather that I forgot to watch the NCAA Football Championship because I was exercising my DVR with 30 Rock reruns. The look on his face told me it was a great betrayal. He has no grandsons and all granddaughters; what’s the point of one of them being a lesbian if you can’t talk sports with her?

I understand the role of certain things in a lesbian’s life: WNBA, yes; advanced degrees, yes; The L Word, yes; Tina Fey, yes; but where does football belong? I need an answer because Super Bowl Sunday is fast-approaching!

My personal understanding of football works like this:

I understand for other lesbians it works differently. Maybe you are stoked about this weekend’s NFC championship game between the Eagles and the Cards or the AFC game between the Ravens and the Steelers. Or maybe you’re all bummed because you’re a Chargers or Giants fan or something.

Where does football fit into your life? Are you excited about the upcoming Super Bowl? Real live boys pounding each other in the heads or Helen Hunt in Quarterback Princess?

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