Heidi Klum gets down with “Guitar Hero World Tour”


The advertising folks over at “Guitar Hero World Tour” came up with a cute little concept for their new campaign: Take four sports superstars (Tony Hawk, Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant and Michael Phelps) and let them reenact that famous Risky Business scene with “Rock Band” instruments.

Then they had an even better idea: Let Heidi Klum go solo.

Actually, why don’t you just watch it for yourself?

No internet viewing experience would be complete without a look at the comments about any given video. Here are a couple of my favorites about this one:

I’m sure that commercial will work on someone who doesn’t know much about Guitar Hero. She’s not even playing!

That couch looks like my grandmother’s.

Fine, whatever, she looks good in underwear. But there’s no way she could beat me at this game. That song is not even really hard.

Her husband, Seal, must be very happy. She is quite good at Guitar Hero!

The ad was such a hit that “Guitar Hero World Tour” even released a director’s cut of the commercial. And by “cut” I mean the only thing Heidi Klum wears while gyrating around with her guitar are her underoos. (It’s not exactly safe for work, but you can watch it here.)

There have been some feminist objections to the commercial. Why do the boys remain fully clothed while Klum has to dance around practically naked? What do you think: objectification or just really good advertising?

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