Gaming is for Girls: PETA for your PC


Fastest-selling PC game ever — “Wrath of the Lich King”

Blizzard Entertainment is once again laughing all the way to the bank as the new expansion of the “World of Warcraft” universe smashes sales records. The second expansion in the series, “Wrath of the Lich King,” has sold more than 2.8 million copies in its first 24 hours of availability, making it the fastest-selling PC game of all time (according to internal company records and reports).

The record was previously held by Blizzard, when the first “World of Warcraft” expansion, “The Burning Crusade,” sold around 2.4 million copies in a 24-hour period. It seems Blizzard can do little wrong with this cash cow.

World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

“GTA IV” episodic content announced

Xbox 360 owners with a penchant for Liberty City, this post is for you. Rockstar has announced the first downloadable content pack for GTA IV, in the form of “The Lost and Damned.” Hero of the piece (because, let’s face it, a virtual gaming environment this macho has no place for a female hero) is Johnny Klebitz, a member of the Liberty City biker gang, The Lost. Apparently Niko will make an appearance, but merely as a peripheral character.

According to Rockstar honcho Dan Houser, “The Lost and Damned” will explain “tons of details and mysteries from the main story,” which will “add a lot of color to the main story.”

It’s expected to release Feb. 17.

PETA versus “Cooking Mama” dispute continues

A browser-based game based on the popular “Cooking Mama” franchise was released by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) earlier this week to highlight “Cooking Mama” and her ill treatment of animals.

PETA and Majesco Entertainment, the developer behind the game, are now having a little bit of a spat over the issue, with each releasing statements. PETA answered the question of why they’ve used “Cooking Mama,” stating, “Why is PETA picking on poor Mama? Because the games are so heavy on dishes made from dead animals that the only things missing are the blood and the slaughterhouse.”

Majesco responded to the statement by saying, “Cooking Mama World Kitchen includes more than 25 vegetarian-friendly recipes including delicious breakfast, dinner, dessert and snack options. And, while Mama is not a vegetarian, she fully supports the humane treatment of animals.”

Poor Mama. She looks so harmless, but she is a little scary when you burn something. Maybe they both have a point?

Cooking Mama PETA

iPhone puzzle freaks get “Aurora Feint” sequel and “Puzzle Quest”

There are quite a few cool puzzle games on the iPhone and “Aurora Feint” has turned out to be one of the best. Great news then that the sequel is out, and it’s even been given a little pre-holiday discount. You’ll be able to get “Aurora Feint II: The Arena” for a mere $7.99, with that price going up to $9.99 after the holidays.

Fans of “Puzzle Quest”, we haven’t forgotten you. This popular puzzler will finally see its iPhone release in the month of December for around 10 bucks! It’s expected to hit the App Store with a price point of $9.95.

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Have a great gaming week!

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