Daniela Sea plays bass in The Thorns of Life


You know Daniela Sea is on The L Word, and that she’s with Bitch, but did you know she could play the bass guitar?

Photos by Broolyn DIY

Yes, that’s her on the left. Sea is part of a new band called The Thorns of Life that began playing live house shows over the last week in Brooklyn. The band is already being buzzed about, because not only does it feature a popular lesbian actress, but also Blake Schwarzenbach of the legendary indie punk bands Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil and writer Aaron Cometbus. Talk about a meeting of the minds!

An Alternative Press review of one of their small shows over the weekend says the songs were “basic punk rock romps with subtle dynamic changes” and had mythological themes, as well as a song about “losing your virginity… to the right one.”

While Schwarzenbach reportedly said he’s not sure of any recording plans, The Thorns of Life played a nine-song set, which is pretty impressive for a band with no future lined up yet.

As for Sea’s musical background, she’s been in bands before (and not just her girlfriend’s). In her home state of California, she played as part of art-punk bands The Gr’ups and Cypher in the Snow. Last year, in an interview with Venus Zine, she discussed her love for both acting and music, and how she can’t ever choose between the two:

I’ve played music since I was a little kid. And being from the punk scene, music has been a doorway to so much possibility. I’ve traveled all over the world — some pretty extreme places — just with my music. When someone asked me last night in an interview, “What would you choose, acting or music?” I can’t even separate them. I get really sentimental about it.

Now that the final season of The L Word has wrapped, it looks like she won’t have to. Keep an eye out for The Thorns of Life. Hopefully they’ll at least secure a MySpace page soon.

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