New Music Tuesday: 10-14-08


I’d like to get started with the most important (and somewhat surprising) release of the week: a new EP from The Organ. Yes, they broke up last year, but the Canadian lesbian band (which you may recognize from Season 2 of The L Word) is releasing some new tracks. Unsurprisingly, they’re awesome.

The OrganThieves (Mint Records)

The EP contains six unexpected tracks of the same electro new wave style from The Organ. The queer band was often compared to The Smiths, and Thieves signals that The Organ would have only continued to garner such positive comparisons to legendary bands that share an androgynous style. It’s still yet to be determined if vocalist Katie Sketch‘s solo project, Mermaids, will be nearly as successful as Morrissey’s solo career.

Nikka CostaPebble to a Pearl (Stax/Go Funk Yourself/Concord)

Making a comeback from hit singles of the early 2000s can sometimes prove difficult, but I have faith in Nikka Costa. Her famous songs “Everybody Got Their Something” and “Like a Feather” have permeated pop culture via advertisements and soundtracks. On Pebble to a Pearl, the folk-jazz singer sounds more like an old soul than neo-soul.

Ingrid MichaelsonBe OK (Cabin 24)

An indie-pop singer-songwriter known for her sad songs accompanying heartbreaking scenes on Grey’s Anatomy, Ingrid was quick to capitalize on her rising fame as a top MySpace music star. Will she succeed? Probably, but mostly in the network television realm, which is where the money is.

Sixpence None the RicherThe Dawn of Grace (Nettwerk Records)

The band has been through many ups and downs since its 1992 inception and returns with an LP from only two members. Luckily, it includes lead singer Leigh Nash, who might be able to give it some listen-ability. However, “Kiss Me” might have to stay in the vault as the best song they’ve ever contributed to a teen movie, and their best song, period.

Lucinda WilliamsLittle Honey (Lost Highway)

American country music is made better by musicians like Lucinda Williams. A longtime prolific songwriter, she continues to utilize real-life situations and headlines to inspire songs like “Real Love” and “Little Rock Star” for her new album’s lyrical fodder.

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