Fly with me, lesbian Siegel


One of the newest buzz bands from the East Coast is indie quartet, Ponytail. The Baltimore group’s frontwoman, Molly Siegel, is an enigmatic Karen O-alike that also happens to be an out lesbian.

Ponytail released their second album, Ice Cream Spiritual, in June and the group has been on tour since the beginning of fall, earning acclaim for their interesting sound and entertaining live show (of which Ms. Siegel is undeniably the focus). Instead of putting together pre-determined lyrics, her vocals are more of the calling, purring and yelping variety, as she uses her voice to create sounds of different dynamic proportions to aid the music.

Intriguing? Yes, and it works. Siegel’s spontaneity is charming and exciting. Plus the band is called Ponytail. Her being gay is just icing on the rainbow-frosting cake.

Everyone from The New York Times to Pitchfork to NPR has given them props, and after upcoming performances at the CMJ Music Festival, they may very well become a household name. Check back soon for an interview with Molly Siegel in this month’s Sound Check.

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